A new begining as BabyGirl and Daddy D/s

by Daddy and BabyGirl

After 19 years of marriage some times you find out somthing new about your partner. Every once in a blue moon you find that thing that brings you closer than you have ever been to them. The feeling that it is just like you are meeting each other for the first time all over again. My wife and I think we have found that thing and would like to try to tell our story here. Yes we know that no one may read it, but thats not what matters to us. Being able to put our feelings and advetures into words helps us to open up more and makes our bond stronger.

 Can any one recommend reading material about the Daddy Dom life style, or books that teach BDSM of this kind? We have found a lot of books but mostly poorly written “Smut”, for lack of a better term. We are looking for well writen teaching guides to help us understand and explore deeper into this life style.