Putting the puzzle together

by Daddy and BabyGirl

Over the course of our marriage, we‘ve experienced so very much together. Nothing could have prepared us for our role changing in the way we are experiencing it now. Our relationship as Daddy and Baby Girl seems like a name to the roles we‘ve both played at and needed for the 20 years we‘ve been together. As an Alpha female in my professional life, I‘ve needed something to balance me in my personal life and my bed. Naturally, Daddy has always been dominate. Not consciously knowing and recognizing the roles we play in all the aspects of our lives has hampered us in our personal and sexual growth. When we tripped over the subject of cosplay, Daddy mentioned a baby doll outfit in an offhanded “she doesn’t want to consider itkind of way. He was shocked and disbelieving when I told him I like that, a lot. I haven’t always shared my wants and needs with my Daddy. In a way I believe it was the Alpha in me not wanting to seem weak although conversely, I have always felt that I needed to be taken care of, to be safe, protected and even punished. Our conversation grew, and pieces of the puzzle started to move together. We can both look back over the course of our relationship and see where we both needed to, and probably should have, been in a D/s marriage. The Daddy/Baby Girl model is more suited to us than any other BDSM roles. Not only do we have a history, we have the deepest love and respect for each other, and we are neither sadistic nor masochistic. Our D/bg relationship is built on sensuality, personal and sexual growth. The hard play, rules, punishment and reward are all parts of the puzzle we are putting together as Daddy and Baby Girl. The puzzle pieces are the facets of our personalities that we couldn’t find a place to fit into the roles we had assumed were correct.