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Month: January, 2015


The exquisite pain of spanking makes the pleasure that much more unforgettable.
When it starts it’s punishment, but for me it is an agony in controlled desire. For this my Daddy knows is what makes it punishment to me, I cannot control myself when the sting burns over me and takes what it wants. When Daddy says “bend over my knee”, my heart races and my breath comes shallow. Goosebumps prickle my skin and I flush. I become awkward and clumsy with the adrenaline from my anticipation.
Carefully bending over Daddy’s knee in just the right way, I can feel the cloth of his slacks against my nipples and for the barest of seconds I could smell his cologne. His voice rumbles “count for me babygirl”. And before I start I bite my lip to draw the first sting away from my bottom. The first sting is the worst one.
“One Daddy”. The sound of his hand slapping across my bare bottom cracks through the room. All the more deafening for the sting. I feel that sting take hold and the clumsy adrenaline starts to become focused and purposeful.
“Two Daddy”. The crack of his hand stifles my thoughts. I am centering myself without knowing I am. There is only Daddy’s hand across my bum.
“Three Daddy”. The crack seems less loud but more biting. The sting is rising over my skin toward the top of my tight round bottom and down to mid thigh. I can feel my labia catching fire.
“Four Daddy”. I raise my head just slightly to shake off the cool air that’s warring over my skin against the sting of Daddy’s hand. I feel the grip across my back tighten and before I can count again his hand meets skin. The sting is building, bringing that slick wetness to the opening of me.
“Five Daddy”. I can no longer feel the cool air. I can only feel the burn and the sting. All that pink fluffy me contracts, I can feel it building. The untouchable orgasm is getting closer.
“Six Daddy”. I am waiting for it. I want to cry out and moan at the same time when the smack falls across my reddened skin. I stifle myself in a woof of breath. I know he can see me glistening with slick honey. His breathing changes and his grip moves.
“Seven Daddy”. The change in Daddy’s breathing is distracting and I move just a bit. Quickly his grip tightens and again I receive another smack, this time harder and more forceful. The rhythm is broken and the sting returns, burning. Daddy pushes my legs open wide. I feel his whole hand cover me. He is coating his palm in my juice, rubbing up and down just the one time. The swelling inside me is unbearable. I want to tell him to spank me here.
“Eight Daddy”. His hand meets my skin in a wet slap. For a brief second I feel his hand slide slightly, my focus is returning. The sting and the burn are the same. I can feel it in my nipples, so hard and aching. My clit peeking out of her hood catches the air screaming MORE!
“Nine Daddy”. It hurts so good. The crack of wet hand and skin is electric, I am awakened inside and out. I can feel the honey of me running down my labia. The burning of my bottom is nothing compared to the burning inside me. I swell with every contraction of muscles. With every movement Daddy makes I feel him, only him. Our breathing is mirrored. I can feel his focus upon me.
“Ten Daddy”. The lights seem to fade for a moment as the world becomes Daddy’s touch upon my ass. Ten is the best number of all. The world fell away when Daddy touched me. I was swollen so much and then, it was his touch that gave me the stars in the sky. The orgasm took me, squeezed me and gave me that one thing… Daddy’s delight. As the orgasm squirted from me Daddy chuckled and said “Ten more”.


Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones

It is best, I think, to view our lives together as stepping stones to now. We shouldn’t regret them nor forget them but respect that they are the path to our current stone. We have both stepped on the slick side of a stone, yet we still walk together.
Letting go of ego can be painful and extremely hard, but it allows the past to fall away and the future to loom up over and consume us. We have all done things that we could wish to change. That is human. To relive the emotion of those things is different than remembering what we would change if we could. The emotion is best left in the past so the future isn’t tainted with past hurts.
It’s very painful and very hard to let go of ego. I have a big ego, probably quite large for a woman. I take great pride in my accomplishments, but I down play my failures. An accomplishment is of average importance if there has been little failure. Even on a subconscious level I have laid blame; “I react because of…” The reality is that I react and I have a propensity to react badly. There is cause and effect in everything however when I remove ego it becomes much clearer in my mind and my heart. I fail.
Living right now, feeling right now and loving right now… I can because I have lived with the pain of my own failure. It is so very hard to admit wrongs, dishonesty, lack of trust and jealousy; I am admitting those, taking responsibility for my shortcomings and failures.
I am no longer laying blame, giving an excuse or omitting those things that my ego plays upon. In that I can free myself of the emotions of past failure. I am all I have ever been; a failure, accomplished, saddened, joyful, in-love, lonely, happy and loved. I am all of them and more but I got here by admitting that I am all of them.
This is a journey that we are taking together. There is no “I” in our name. We are experiencing our roles together, finding what works and what doesn’t. Our roles do not fit most of the “models” we have read about. We may be the “model” for a different kind of relationship. Our life together has been long, we’ve done things we could wish to change and things we could wish would never end. To build from here we have to start again, by remembering old hurts and failures, ego and distrust but leaving the emotions out of the memories. The only way to accomplish this is with honesty and communication.

Daddy Comes Home

I can hear his car pull into the driveway. I rush to the bedroom to get into place. I quickly assume that position Daddy likes me to be in to greet him. Naked, kneeling with my ankles and ass on the floor, back arched to show off my curves, palms up on my thighs, chin up and eyes down. I can hear him as the door closes, moving through the house towards the room. My anticipation builds. My heart pounds in my chest. I want my daddy. I feel myself getting slick. The inner walls of my pussy are getting thick, swelling. With my eyes down I can’t see him when the door opens. I hope I‘m not too wet. I don’t want my honey to run down my leg when I stand. Daddy closes the door. My walls contract. My nipples harden in the clamps and I can feel the flush start across my chest. He is inspecting my posture, looking to make sure I‘m stretching properly. Am I to his standard? My heart is racing. I try to steady my breathing. He walks around me and stops in front of me. I can see his wing tips and his slacks are navy blue. He‘s so sexy. My pussy clenches down, I‘m more than slick. I can feel that I‘m wet on the floor. Daddy is loosening his belt. I hear the clang of the buckle. His thumb runs over my left nipple making it spring up firm in its wake. He sends the chain swinging pulling both nipples which is like electrical current straight into my fluffy pink pussy. Ah yes, I want that touch. Warm and deliberate.

Daddy says to me, “I have this for you, you may look slowly to only my hands”. As his zipper goes down. I lift my eyes to see what is for me. He‘s reaching into his pants to pull out his cock. My clit is swelling out of its hood I want to move to grind it into the floor, but I must stay still, in a preferred position. My body is betraying me. My nipples are as hard as stone and aching. With each breath, the chain on the clamps swings bringing me closer to losing my position. My lips are wet and swollen hiding my opening but not keeping my honey inside. My clit is pushing its way between my full lips. And his thick cock is in his hand. I want to taste him. I want to feel him in the back of my throat. I lick my bottom lip.

Daddy chuckles and his voice rumbles, “ah-ah you are not allowed to lick your lips until I tell you to”. His voice alone is a gift. I feel a rush of fluid over my labia as if I peed. I return my eyes to my lap. Daddy steps closer, reaches down and loops a finger in the nipple chain. Ahhhhh it pinches but… Goosebumps sprout across my lower belly and my legs. My asshole clenches the butt plug. My whole body reacts with a slow shiver. Daddy lifts my chin and I feel the smooth skin of his head across my lips. I want to open my mouth but have not been given permission. I can smell his musk, it‘s him, my daddy. So soft and hard against my lips and my cheek. He rubs his cock across my face, marking me with the scent of him. My whole body is aware of him, the hair at the base of my neck stands and the skin on my neck prickles. I‘m so wet I can’t tell if there is a puddle.

“Open your mouth“, Daddy says. I open my mouth with him already there pushing my lips open. So smooth I want to lick him I want to look into his eyes. I open wider and in comes his head so full for me. As the rim of him enters my mouth I close my lips around him feeling the whole head of him, running my tongue around him.

Daddy’s rough voice says, “have you been a good girl today?” I cannot answer, my mouth is full. I cannot move my body out of position. He pulls the chain to my nipples. “Answer me,” he says. I shake my head up and down just slightly.

“Ah-ah you aren’t allowed to move BabyGirl.” In a nanosecond, his cock is balls deep in my mouth. My nipples are a fire burning as he tugs the chain. His dick in my throat makes me gag and salivate. I move ever so slightly and my clit touches the floor. I open my mouth all the way. Daddy moves backwards letting me breathe, but pushes back in. I close my lips around him again and taste him, all of him. I want my tongue on every part of his shaft, licking every vein and ridge. The saliva leaks from the side of my mouth as he pulls out again, and then he eases into a rhythm. Fucking my mouth I feel him deep in my throat; hitting behind my tonsils, pushing into the tight part that he likes. He is so hot in my mouth I suck on him, a gentle suction as much as I can give. I want more, harder faster. I gag. Daddy puts his hand to my cheek in gentle direction that gagging will not happen. His hard dick pushing in and out across my lips, making the inside of my lips raw from friction and my sucking. Daddy pushes so hard into me I gag and my head moves back, but his strong hand is behind my head. He thrusts further in and I feel him tighten. His cock pulses and a strong jet of cum spurts in my throat filling my mouth. I want to swallow, but he is in my mouth. I can taste his seed and smell it. I want to swallow but it’s dribbling out the sides of my mouth. I don’t want to waste it. I feel the chain as daddy pulls it upward slowly. My nipples pulling my breasts upward. Aaahhhh I can feel the pull in my pussy.

His other hand lifts my chin and he says,look at me babygirl”. His cock in my mouth, cum dripping from my mouth onto my chest, I look up to my Daddy’s blue eyes. He tells me,you are so beautiful babygirl. I love to see you this way. But you moved and you made a puddle on the floor so you need to be taught a lesson. Do not swallow.”

He pulls his dick out of my mouth and chuckles.