by Daddy and BabyGirl

The exquisite pain of spanking makes the pleasure that much more unforgettable.
When it starts it’s punishment, but for me it is an agony in controlled desire. For this my Daddy knows is what makes it punishment to me, I cannot control myself when the sting burns over me and takes what it wants. When Daddy says “bend over my knee”, my heart races and my breath comes shallow. Goosebumps prickle my skin and I flush. I become awkward and clumsy with the adrenaline from my anticipation.
Carefully bending over Daddy’s knee in just the right way, I can feel the cloth of his slacks against my nipples and for the barest of seconds I could smell his cologne. His voice rumbles “count for me babygirl”. And before I start I bite my lip to draw the first sting away from my bottom. The first sting is the worst one.
“One Daddy”. The sound of his hand slapping across my bare bottom cracks through the room. All the more deafening for the sting. I feel that sting take hold and the clumsy adrenaline starts to become focused and purposeful.
“Two Daddy”. The crack of his hand stifles my thoughts. I am centering myself without knowing I am. There is only Daddy’s hand across my bum.
“Three Daddy”. The crack seems less loud but more biting. The sting is rising over my skin toward the top of my tight round bottom and down to mid thigh. I can feel my labia catching fire.
“Four Daddy”. I raise my head just slightly to shake off the cool air that’s warring over my skin against the sting of Daddy’s hand. I feel the grip across my back tighten and before I can count again his hand meets skin. The sting is building, bringing that slick wetness to the opening of me.
“Five Daddy”. I can no longer feel the cool air. I can only feel the burn and the sting. All that pink fluffy me contracts, I can feel it building. The untouchable orgasm is getting closer.
“Six Daddy”. I am waiting for it. I want to cry out and moan at the same time when the smack falls across my reddened skin. I stifle myself in a woof of breath. I know he can see me glistening with slick honey. His breathing changes and his grip moves.
“Seven Daddy”. The change in Daddy’s breathing is distracting and I move just a bit. Quickly his grip tightens and again I receive another smack, this time harder and more forceful. The rhythm is broken and the sting returns, burning. Daddy pushes my legs open wide. I feel his whole hand cover me. He is coating his palm in my juice, rubbing up and down just the one time. The swelling inside me is unbearable. I want to tell him to spank me here.
“Eight Daddy”. His hand meets my skin in a wet slap. For a brief second I feel his hand slide slightly, my focus is returning. The sting and the burn are the same. I can feel it in my nipples, so hard and aching. My clit peeking out of her hood catches the air screaming MORE!
“Nine Daddy”. It hurts so good. The crack of wet hand and skin is electric, I am awakened inside and out. I can feel the honey of me running down my labia. The burning of my bottom is nothing compared to the burning inside me. I swell with every contraction of muscles. With every movement Daddy makes I feel him, only him. Our breathing is mirrored. I can feel his focus upon me.
“Ten Daddy”. The lights seem to fade for a moment as the world becomes Daddy’s touch upon my ass. Ten is the best number of all. The world fell away when Daddy touched me. I was swollen so much and then, it was his touch that gave me the stars in the sky. The orgasm took me, squeezed me and gave me that one thing… Daddy’s delight. As the orgasm squirted from me Daddy chuckled and said “Ten more”.