Tasking For Babygirl

by Daddy and BabyGirl

Task: Wear a skirt out in public with no panties underneath. Take a selfie or have someone take a clear up skirt photo that shows your naughty bits and give a good indication that you are in a public place. Bonus points if you ask a stranger to take the picture.

When Daddy gave me this task I thought… Ha, I got this. I did have it, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. My task took over a week to complete, not because I couldn’t run out and snap some pics up my skirt, but because I wanted to give Daddy my effort. True effort and not a quick. “I did it”, only giving him the easiest of the task without even trying for the Bonus points.

To start out, I of course dressed to take the pics in a skirt and blouse. I didn’t wear something I was uncomfortable with. I normally do wear panties, even if I am wearing a thong, I’m a panty kind of girl. Being commando wasn’t entirely uncomfortable but it was out of my comfort zone. Knowing that I would be in public without panties, was a little harder to stomach but erotic at the same time. I couldn’t help the wetness that came to my lips, nor the swelling that engorged them.

As I walked through the store to find that one place where, no one would see what I was doing, my hands started to sweat and my heart beat raced. I could feel my skin prickle. I settled for the shoe department. Not only was it isolated, I could sit down and take a picture. While I was sitting there with the camera under my skirt, a man walked to the front of the aisle, turned and looked directly at me. My first thought was “oh crap”. He just stood there looking at me with no real emotion on his face. It both scared me and excited me. I quickly put my phone in my purse, got up and walked away. My heart was beating out of my chest and I was breathing heavily. The slippery wetness between my legs was so very obvious to me with each step. I feared it was obvious to everyone I passed on the way to my car. When I reached the car, I took another picture.
Being that I had exhausted that particular store I thought of another, just off the highway that is not usually too busy and went there. It wasn’t as hard to take the pictures then. I was more aware and I it was less crowded, my anxiety was not as high. On my way to my car I took another pic at which point the wind kicked up and I flashed all the traffic on the highway. “Wow, un-fucking-believable”, not only have I been caught by some strange man in the shoe department, I have now shown my ass to the entire highway during traffic. Heart beating, the slickness of my lips, the feeling of being naughty and being caught were all too much and I had to touch myself right there in the drivers’ seat of my car. I wondered how physically effected I was by the erotic nature of my task, I just had to feel how wet I was. My lips were not just slick, they were wet and I found that sitting down I had a fist sized puddle beneath me. I buried my fingers inside my tight walls, pumping and pushing, finding that one spot… that little swell that brought me that release in needed so badly. My plastered to my face the perspiration dotting my arms and running down the crack of my ass I found the edge of bliss and crossed it, shuddering into the steering wheel and moaning to myself.


During the week I became over anxious that I would not receive bonus points. I was thinking a great deal about who could I ask; a stranger… and that made me nervous. With Daddy at home with me, I have support I do not have by myself. I wasn’t aware of how much I really rely on Daddy to just be with me. He is so supportive of me, he is my safety and my home… he is my strength and my love. I expressed to him that asking a stranger to take the pics meant erotic things to me, but also it meant I was open for rejection. Daddy took my concerns and dealt with them in a way I did not imagine he would. He asked someone we do not know to help me complete my task.

I had a few days to think about the meeting Daddy arranged and what that would mean to me. With rejection aside, I felt fine. I felt fine until I was getting dressed. Daddy asked that I wear a certain dress that he bought for me. It’s a lovely dress, a flowy pale green dress and very very short. As I put the dress on I grew more and more uncomfortable, self-conscious and nervous. I saw another dress in my closet, a pull over burgundy with turquoise designs, which I have not worn before and tried it on. I was not feeling the same self-consciousness in that one. It was closer fitting with a belt to pull it in to my waist, not as flowy and pretty as the green dress but just as short. If I bent over at all, my goodies would be on display for anyone to see. I made a choice then and hoped it would not detract from the accomplishment of my task. I wore the dress I was more comfortable in because I was starting to feel the weight of my task, I was afraid that I would be so self-conscious that I would give up the bonus points and just walk away.
Driving to the place I was meeting the “photographer” (loosely used here, he was no more than a play date candidate that agreed to put his hand up my skirt and snap some pics), my foot started shaking on the accelerator. I was sweating and my chest and face were flushed. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck raise. I was so far out of my comfort zone. I wanted to call Daddy just to hear his voice. As I pulled into the parking lot I was in panic. Panic is not what I thought the desired outcome of this task was. Then I looked in my phone at Daddy’s picture. I took a deep breath and said to myself, this is all about pushing me outside of what is comfortable for me; what I am “willing” to do. I thought, I am willing, but I don’t want to show myself. I do not want to be vulnerable.
Just then I saw the man in the red shirt I was meeting. I swallowed my fear and got out of the car before I lost my nerve. We introduced ourselves and talked a little while. As I sat there I realized I could do it. Although I was nervous the entire time I sat there, it eased. I realized I was soaking wet, my lips were swollen and I could feel the pulse of my pink puffy walls wanting release. My thighs were so slick they were sliding, only held in place because I crossed my legs at the knee.

This man in the red shirt was as nervous to take the pics as I was to spread my legs and have them taken. By the time he lost his nervousness or gained courage, there were at least 20 people sitting within earshot of us. He took several pictures then with people walking around, talking, and not noticing that I was spreading my legs; baring my wet snatch for photos while they drank their beer.

The adrenaline rush that overtook me on the drive home was amazing. I crashed into my bed on my stomach, hands rubbing my slick clit. I pumped my fingers into myself so hard I’m sure I bruised. I found that little swell inside me that I stroked and pushed. It took only a moment to feel the crashing weight of orgasm take me. I shook violently, face in the pillow, hands and legs wet. The task completed I let go of all and just fell into the release.
My task completed, I have learned more than it’s exciting and erotic to push the envelope. I’ve learned how much I depend upon my Daddy to be the strength that holds me. I am the victorious winner of bonus points for stepping way beyond what I would elect to do on my own. I can walk outside the limits of what I consider taboo. This task was erotic and exciting, it gave me an overdose of adrenaline that I would like to enjoy and capitalize on with my Daddy.
There will be a next time, and Daddy will be in the pics… pushing his fingers in me while people walk past us.